About Us

Michael Coleman: Creative Lead

Throughout my few short years of life, there have been a host of great ideas that I have had, but never followed through with. After getting my degree, I wanted to go into the business of graphic design, but I backed away and followed a much safer path. As I experienced new relationships, I noticed that many others had similar decision making. Great ideas, plans, companies that would have been, all of them skipped over in favor of a simpler, safer path; whether due to fear, complacency, or nihilism, we just sort of...stopped. When we started Small Milestones, we decided that we wanted to help people get over whatever that hump was that was inhibiting us from growing and dreaming, and moving forward.
I think that my creativity is purposed in helping others do something better. A way that will let them check off the box, and keep making their way toward their goal, their dream. I don't think of Small Milestones as the end solution for any of our clients, but rather a means to making progress towards bringing an idea to fruition.

Jeremy Thompson: Tech Officer